Marius von Mayenburg FEUERGESICHT

Premiere I: 14.07.2000 at theatre “Rampe” in Stuttgart
Starring: Johanna Niedermüller, Petra Weimer, Carlo Goeschel, Wolfgang Müllner, Uwe-Peter Spinner
Premiere II: II: 06.01.2006 at theatre “Rampe” in Stuttgart
Starring: Jenny Sittler, Petra Weimer, Armin Köstler, Klaus Gramüller, Jonathan Bruckmeier
Production and Fitting: Stephan Bruckmeier
Music: Arndt Wirth

“Direction and acting are consistent and successful.”
Badische Zeitung, 9. 1. 2006

“At the end of the play, father and mother, like slaughtered sacrificial animals, are heaved from the darkness of the stage into a merciless cold light. They are floating there between heaven and earth – battered to death by their children. All these pictures are dazing, but that’s the aim of Stephan Bruckmeier’s production of the family tragedy “Feuergesicht” like the production 5 1⁄2 years ago… Due to the replacement of most of the five roles this reloaded production gains even more brisance. In accordance to the script, the two main characters Kurt and Olga are well interpreted by the 16-year-old Jonathan Bruckmeier and the 19-year-old Jenny Sittler.”
Stuttgarter Nachrichten, 9. 1. 2006

“The clash of the generations, which is the subject of this play, is being doubled on the level of the actors: the parents, whose individuality disappears behind the routine of their social role, are played by the professional actors Petra Weimer and Klaus Gramüller, whereas their children, who still have to find their place (in society) are real teenagers. Bruckmeier’s calculus is successful: the two young actors have a different corporal presence on stage and perform as if their lives depended on that. Above all Jonathan Bruckmeier, who has just overcome his change of voice. He embodies a “holy virginity of insecurity” that also film director Pier Paolo Passolini appreciated so much in his young amateur actors. … Like Walhalla, the picture of an intact family bursts into flames at the end of a thrilling night at the theatre.”
Stuttgarter Zeitung, 9. 1. 2006

“This play by the very young author, which is terrifying due to its consistency and is performed at many theatres, experiences a convincing interpretation in this production.”
Rheinischer Merkur, 11. 8. 2000


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