Starring: Ludwig Hirsch, Rudolf Jusits, Viktoria Schubert, Hilde Sochor, Georg Trenkwitz, u.v.a
Production: Stephan Bruckmeier
Scenography: Lusie Czerwonatis
Kostüme: Ingrid Leibezeder
Premiere: 13.12.1992 at the “Volkstheater” (Popular Theatre) in Vienna

With more than 50,000 spectators Austria’s most successful play in the season 1992/93

“…one can be satisfied that the core of this “hoax” production was transported in a way so that it was performed very wittily.”
Süddeutsche Zeitung, 29. 12. 1992

“As far as I know this was the first time that Stephan Bruckmeier, who ascended from Vienna’s theatre scene into the establishment, directed such a big ensemble to such a successful performance.”
Die Presse, 15. 12. 1992

“The audience likes this play, comes multitudinously and laughs in the right moments.”
Falter, 2. 1993

“The “Volkstheater”, which was shortly threatened by the withdrawal of subsidiaries, impressed – with only few exceptions – by some well performed classics (Antje Lenkeit’s feministic “Maria Stuart”, Stephan Bruckmeier’s “Jux” by Nestroy) and avant-garde (…).”
Neue Kronenzeitung, 1. 1. 1993

“It is no matter of course anymore that someone is able to stage the Viennese way of life of a Nestroy burlesque. It’s not self-evident anymore that some one is able to design the protagonists in a way they are meant to be and that he does not forget to bring in sharp wit. All this is no matter of course in a city where the famous “Burgtheater” does not perform its obligation to cherish Nestroy’s opus.”
Kurier, 15. 12. 1992

“…one is amused and in a good mood. That would not be enough, however, if Ludwig Hirsch was not performing.”
Neue Zeit, 16. 12. 1992

“Funereally comedy instead of pre-March era charm.”
Salzburger Nachrichten, 15. 12. 1992

“Ludwig Hirsch as “Weinberl, the dreamer: a weird gusher, brooding, feverishly, full of longing that he does not live out. Victoria Schubert wows as the apprentice “Christopherl”. This sensitive, comical talent will help this theatre to come to fame.”
Neue Kronenzeitung, 15. 12. 1992


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