MARTYRIUM by Sir Peter Maxwell Davis

Conductor: Johannes Wildner
Starring: Kurt Azesberger, Allan Evans, Michaela Lucas, Daniel Schmutzhard, Gavin Taylor
Production and scenography: Stephan Bruckmeier
Light design: Harry Michlits
Premiere: 11.07.2004 at the baroque Stift Church in Ossiach (within the frame of the Carinthian Summer Festival)

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“It was a real present that the directorship of Thomas Daniel Schlee gives to the ‘Carinthian Summer”. This play is a sacral synthesis of arts with its timeless charisma which is tailor-suited for the Stift Church in Ossiach [Austria]: Sir Peter Maxwell Davis’ “Das Martyrium des heiligen Magnus”, a sequence of pictures underlines by emphatic melodies. This play depicts genesis, lust, delusion and holiness. For director Stephan Bruckmeier this play is an unconditional dance of the dying and the death.”
Kärntner Tageszeitung, 13. 7. 2004

“Stephan Bruckmeier certainly succeeds in impressively staging this rich plot on an 18 metres long stage ramp in the middle of the church.”
Die Presse, 13. 7. 2004

“The director and scene designer Stephan Bruckmeier succeeds in conveying the message of peace and deep humanity of this opus of enlightenment in such an intensive way that no one stays untouched.”
Kleine Zeitung, 13. 7. 2004

“Stephan Bruckmeier stages the turmoil between violence and power with increasing intensity… With “Flashlight News”, “Peace Execution” and an effective ending: when the seeing blind woman spins the thread of hope into the light, standing ovations are to be expected.”
Neue Kronenzeitung, 13. 7. 2004

“For his production, Stephan Bruckmeier created an impressive scenery that consisted of an 18 metre long stage ramp, that was never been abandoned by the actors, and several pieces of scenery. The most central theme was the symbol of a thread as a lifeline, a weaving thread as well as a rope in order to chain the actors. Furthermore, another symbol was a sail and a carpet of life, which is knotted by Magnus in the second scene.”
Oberösterreichische Nachrichten, 13. 7. 2004

“In the opening premiere of the Carinthian Summer, Stephan Bruckmeier succeeds in showing a play full of symbolism which is intensified by a suggestive cue state and nightmarish pictures.”
Kurier, 13. 7. 2004


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