Gert Jonke OPUS 111 (UA)

Starring: Rainer Frieb, Rudolf Jusits, Michael Rast, Otto Tausig
Production: Stephan Bruckmeier
Scenography: Lusie Czerwonatis
Costumes: Ingrid Leibezeder
Premiere: 28.02.1993 at the “Volkstheater” Popular Theatre in Vienna

“Stephan Bruckmeier certainly succeeded in staging one of his best works at “Volkstheater” with this premiere production of Gert Jonke’s “Opus 111”.”
Bühne Wien, 4. 1993

“Performed with virtuosity (this term may be allowed in this context) by the quartet of actors…”
Theater heute, 6. 1993

“The director does his best to stem this torrent of words.”
Schwäbisches Tagblatt, 15. 3. 1993

“The director Stephan Bruckmeier enforces the comedic element,…”
Südkurier, 3. 3. 1993

“Stephan Bruckmeier directs in a way that he meets his obligations with a text by Gert Jonke.”
Wirtschaftswoche, 4. 3. 1993

“A fabulous psychological study about conservatory graduates and conservatory regents.”
Die ganze Woche, 10. 3. 1993

“Frenziness played by four people – Viennese fun amongst brothers.”
Frankfurter Allgemeine, 2. 3. 1993

“The “Volkstheater” meanwhile registers the fourth success in a row: “Opus 111” is a small, exquisite intimate play by Gert Jonke and turns out to be a model of brilliant and witty slapstick.”
Neue Kronenzeitung, 2. 3. 1993

“Stephan Bruckmeier staged this solo for Otto Tausig with great relish, but he also succeeded in efficiently presenting the other three actors, according to their capabilities…”
Vorarlberger Nachrichten, 2. 3. 1993

“After the virtuosos had jingled for 100 minutes, the audience erupted in roaring applause."
Die Presse, 2. 3. 1993


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