The Austrian director Stephan Bruckmeier succeeded right with his first production, the celebrated revival of the classic play “Magic Afternoon” by Wolfgang Bauer in the Viennese theatre “Gruppe 80”, starring Julia Stemberger and Fritz Hammel. For this production, Bruckmeier was awarded the Supporting Prize “Kainzmedaille”.
Verleihung Förderpreis zur Kainzmedaille. Tambori, Bruckmeier, Karajan, Schir, K.E. Hermann, Tabori, Domrose, Degn (v.l.n.r.)

Some productions in the “Wiener Freie Szene” followed. Then, in 1992, Emmy Werner invited Bruckmeier to come to Vienna’s famous Popular Theatre (“Volkstheater”). At “Volkstheater”, he succeeded with his three plays “Weh dem der lügt”, “Einen Jux will er sich machen” and “Opus 111” – all these plays were supraregionally renowned. His production “Einen Jux will er sich machen”, starring Ludwig Hirsch and Viktoria Schubert, was the most successful play in Austria in the theatre season 1992/93.

He was repeatedly successful with his play “Der Bauer als Millionär” (starring Fritz Muliar as “the Old Age”), far more than 40.000 visitors made this production a triumphant success in the season 2003/04. At the Chamber Opera in Vienna, Bruckmeier debuted as opera director with the premiere of the opera “Aus allen Blüten Bitternis” by Christoph Cech and Alfredo Bauer. Some other productions in the music theatre followed, among them for the Carinthian Summer, “Klangbogen” in Vienna, New Opera Vienna and the Neukölln Opera in Berlin.
In 1997, several premieres were performed at the theatre “Rampe” in Stuttgart, where he also took over the directorship in cooperation with Eva Hosemann. Under the leadership of the two directors, the “Rampe” theatre changed into Germany’s first author theatre and is today a supraregionally renowned centre for contemporary theatre literature.

Numerous guest performances and co-productions led Bruckmeier to several theatres and festivals in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Mozambique, South Africa, the United States and Switzerland.
In summer 2008, he will leave the theatre at his own request – after five years of artistic directorship and production management. Bruckmeier is ready for new challenges.

The following press review will give you a short summary about the artistic works of director Bruckmeier.


Magic Afternoon
> Wolfgang Bauer

Wehe dem der lügt
> Franz Grillparzer

Einen Jux will er sich machen
> Johann Nestroy

Opus 111 (UA)
> Gert Jonke

Aus allen Blüten Bitternis (UA)
> Christoph Cech

> Marius von Mayenburg

Der Bauer als Millionär
> Ferdinand Raimund

> Sir Peter Maxwell Davis

Schillers Räuber
> Mia Couto

Create Your Live (UA)
> Brown, Das Gupta, Schneider